Bored? 25 Things You Can Do at Home

We’ve all been there, it’s Saturday morning. The first Saturday in weeks where you didn’t have plans for the day and you wonder “what can I do today?” We’ve brainstormed ideas for you! 

  1. Reread your favorite book

  2. Clean under your couch and bed (room corners too!)

  3. Water your plants

  4. Hang up your favorite photos in a frame or on your fridge

  5. Meditate for 5 minutes

  6. Call your parents

  7. Draw what’s on your mind

  8. Stretch to your favorite song

  9. Write down your travel wishlist

  10. Go through your finances for the past month

  11. Organize your closet

  12. Get rid of things you don’t wear

  13. Take a nice long bath

  14. Treat your skin to a nice mask

  15. Watch something completely random on Netflix

  16. Write a letter to your future self

  17. Heat up a meal from your freezer

  18. Read a hard copy magazine or newspaper from start to finish

  19. Play against yourself at your favorite game

  20. Floss (if you haven’t already)

  21. File, read, organize your mail

  22. Create a vision board

  23. Online shop for a piece of art that speaks to you

  24. Make a brunch worthy breakfast

  25. Nap as many times as you want!

Sharree WallsComment