Evolution & Sanctuary: Elliot Hutchinson

Elliot Hutchinson lives in a duplex home in a quiet and reserved neighborhood in New Orleans. The feeling inside matches his commitment to function and evolution - from family art to candles that are put in use frequently, everything has a purpose in his space. It’s filled with elements of the past that signal where he is now and where he’d like to go. And yes, he sips champagne because it's Saturday.

What’s something people don’t know about you?

I’m an introvert. For me being a Virgo, I’m overly analytical I over think. I’m sensitive and I’m emotional. By the nature of what I do, and how I move in the world, that’s a dichotomy of what’s expected of me. So when people see me in public and I have a moment of being an introvert I get the question, "what’s wrong?" Nothing is wrong. I’m having a moment, a cycle of myself and my existence, but people expect me to be on because I usually have to be.

Describe your favorite piece in your home?

My favorite piece is my couch, I actually found by happenstance. My sister and I moved from another place in Lakeview to this spot. During the move, we went to Habitat for Humanity Restore, we brought donations of items we had at our old place and we saw this couch. It’s a great piece, it’s functional and in near mint condition. I really wanted this couch. The way it works at Restore is that you're on own your own, so you have to quickly claim what you want. So I sprawled across this, I claimed it! There were a few other couples swarming and I was like, "I’m not giving this up!" It meets the aesthetic I usually go for - handsome and super functional. It even folds out into different configurations. It’s great and it works, especially when we have guests stay over.

From furniture to fashion to style, I want things are that super functional. For example, these pants they look fancy, but they’re super comfortable. I can probably do a cartwheel in these, no issue!


Why MCMLXXXV on your throw pillow?

I put a lot of thought into what I wanted the pillow to convey. This is my birth year, 1985, in Roman numerals. I think the birth year concept is very important for two reasons. One, because it’s obviously your point of origin. It’s where you came into the world, where you started. But on the other side of that, if you look back, I like this idea of evolution. You really track how far you’ve come in the world and in your life, and your existence by that year - the good, bad, and ugly. I’m glad I’m in a golden season now, and I’m trying to keep up that momentum. I also liked Roman numerals because they’re thought-provoking, people will look at this and think “what are those letters, what does that mean?”  

What do you do for a living?

I am a public relations manager, that’s my title. I’m also a connector. I like to connect people with like-minded causes, passions, or inspirations. I don’t claim to know everything but with what I do know, I help where I can. Beyond that I am an example to people of what someone who looks like me can be and do, and how they can exist in certain spaces.

What does home feel like in one word?

Sanctuary. Due to the nature of what I do for a living, and being “on” all of the time, people always say, “You’re everywhere!” and my answer to that is “I’m around.” I do go here, there, and everywhere, but I do need a place to feel anchored. When I come here, it’s off the beaten path. I feel like when I walk through these doors, it’s a sanctuary, it’s quiet. I know where everything is, I feel safe, I feel at ease. In a positive way, I feel distanced from all the noise. My space is sacred, which is what your home should be. 

Photos by Dominique McClellan

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