Finding Solace

The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique. -Walt Disney

After moving into my first studio apartment, I took a look around realized my space was hideous. I accumulated all my furniture from Craigslist and didn’t get that ahh I’m at home feeling. So I searched online for cool comforters that I felt matched my personality, turned out that was a tall order. Home textiles are designed to appeal to the masses, not individual tastes.  

That’s why I started Solace, to help others make their place feel like home with products that reflects their personal style and taste with custom home goods. We’re starting with pillows because they can go anywhere and look great at the same time!

Our first customizable line focuses on inspirational words that create your version of Solace. Think about it. What word, phrase, or quote, do you want to remember that life’s pretty great? We’ll put on a pillow for your in your favorite color so you never forget! Why shop around, when you can make what you want?

I really like talking to people, so feel free to email me with about your pillow ideas, decorating challenges, or ask me anything (I’ll answer the best I can)! I can be reached at