Discover & Create Your Style                   Why SOLACE Exits 

Sometimes you know what you want and sometimes you need a little help discovering what you want. This is especially true when it's time to fill your space with designs that match your style. 

SOLACE is for anyone who dreams of awesome colors to fill their space, but can' find the exact colors you shop.

SOLACE is for anyone who is often uninspired by current home decor options.                                              

SOLACE is also for anyone who wants a personalized item but does not want to start from scratch.

SOLACE is about uncompromised comfort. We help you find and create home decor products that truly reflect your style. 


When I moved into my first apartment I was in my last year undergrad and my budget was tight. I bought all of my furtniture second hand but I was excited to make the space my own. I thought finding an edgy comforter was the answer - except I couldn't find one! After searching for too long, I wasn't even sure what i wanted anymore.

I created SOLACE to simplify the search bold & unique decor. You don't have to settle for what's already out there. You can find something you love or create it yourself! 


                        Founder, SOLACE